School work comes first in Jay Chou’s film

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, one of the biggest names in Chinese pop, will soon make his directorial debut with a film inspired by his nostalgia for his school days.

Chou’s record company, Alfa Music, said Monday that the yet-to-be- titled movie will feature Chou and Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong, with a budget of over NT$40 million (HK$9.56 million). It said the female lead has not been decided.

Chou has recently ventured into movies with some success. He has acted and directed music videos.

His performance in Initial D, adapted from a Japanese comic book about a street car racer, won him best new actor prizes at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards.

Chou, 27, followed up by playing a prince in the new Zhang Yimou epic Curse of the Golden Flower.

Alfa Music has canceled Chou’s birthday celebration because he is in a hurry to complete his directorial debut before March, when he is scheduled to shoot another movie whose Chinese title translates as Dunk.

The main investor in Chou’s first film is Hong Kong’s Edko Films.

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