Sammul Chan Speaks Directly: I am not gay

Metro Radio held its Childrens Song Awards Ceremony yesterday, attended by Nancy Sit, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, Matthew Ko, Don Li and Mandy Chiang.

With the recent magazine reports making allegations that numerous male celebrities have been engaging in secret homosexual affairs, there has been a lot of media attention to this news, especially as the man at the centre of the scandal Walter Hau is considering legal action against the magazine. Among those who are alleged to be involved in this ring is Sammul and faced with the press yesterday, he made the following statement: "I must strongly point out that this report is false and untruthful and without proper investigation and evidence, they have printed an irresponsible report. I should not have to talk about my private affairs in public, but for this to happen again and again then it severely affects artistes." Clearly Sammul was prepared for this and he says that since the reports broke, his friends have been very concerned about him and his fans have told him on the net not to worry. He says: "I have not been unhappy and I can say very clearly that I, Sammul Chan, am not a homosexual. (Will you be supporting Walter’s legal action?) Yes, I will support him because the reports were very disrespectful and intrusive, without any investigation into the truth or accuracy. He is also a victim and I have only seen him at a PR event earlier on in the year. (Do you mind being called gay?) No, I respect other people’s sexual orientations, but I do mind about the way they reported because the readers are unclear and will take it as the reality."

Sammul also indicates that despite interviewing him with two pages of questions, they only actually published three lines about him in the article and a large picture in the middle. This is far too manipulative and even for showbiz gossip you cannot go too far. Asked if he will be taking legal action, he says: "I will see whether they do anything more. (Are you worried about this affecting your image?) This is why I have to make things clear, if any viewers ask me about this, I will explain myself directly. (If you have a girlfriend in future, will you bring her out to confirm your sexual preferences?) Not intentionally. After entering showbiz, I have dated people from within and outside the industry and been spotted by the press, but they just didn’t report it."

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