Sammul Chan, Liza Wang, Lai Lok Yi, Matthew Ko Film ‘The Entire City Dances’

TVB held a dancing competition, "The Entire City Dances" ? ? ? ? ? ?the day before. A great dancer herself, Liza Wang Ming Chuen, Sammul Chan Kin Fung, and Shek Sau were the hosts for the dancing competition. Other celebrity guests on the show included Fala Chan, Matthew Ko, Leanni Li, Lai Lok Yee.

Fala Chan and Matthew Ko are both passionate about Latin dancing. During the dancing sequence, it is inevitable that there will be body contact, but they have mutual trust that their sensitive areas will not come in contact.

Fala said, "I have a background in ballet dancing. It’s the first time I’ve tried Latin dancing, so I was quite nervous." (Does Fala trust Matthew?) "Yes, he’s trustworthy. I will ‘give’ whole self to him."

Matthew then said he had a stomache and laughed that he had no strength to lift Fala in his arms. But he explained, "During the practice session, our dance instructor advised me to be carefully when lifting Fala up in my arms. It is easy to brush against the ‘wrong’ spot then. Since we coordinated earlier, we will try our best during the dancing segment."

Since Matthew has been busy practicing the dance routine, he contracted a stomache illness. "On October 24th, when we were practicing, I contracted a stomache virus. My back has no strength left and I almost could not lift Fala up in the air. Today, I am feeling better. Luckily, Fala is not too heavy, but her legs are very long."

Two years ago, Liza took 80 hours of Latin dancing lessons in order to prepare for her concert. Since injuring herself then, Liza is still undergoing physical therapy to manage the pain. Each time Liza walks up or down the stairs, her back will start hurting due to old injuries. Even wearing high heels will give Liza immense pain. As a result, she wears mostly flat shoes and has taken on swimming.

Liza said, "In the past, I asked Law Ka Ying to learn Latin dancing so that he can dance with me. Unexpectedly, Ka Ying has acquired expertise in Latin dancing and he said he will be joining a dancing competition! It’s my turn now to watch him dance!" (How are Ka Ying’s dancing skills?) "I am afraid to watch, but I think he is just doing this for fun!"

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