Sammul Chan Films Daring Love Scene for 7 Hours

Caption: In "The Last Princess," Sammul Chan has numerous images.

"The Last Princess," featuring Sammul Chan Kin Fung, Huo Ssuyan, Yan Kuan, and Leila Tong Ning is currently filming in Hengdian, China. At a recent press conference, Huo Ssuyan and Sammul kissed in front of reporters and demonstrated the passion their characters shared in the series!

In "The Last Princess," Sammul plays a physically skilled hero who also becomes involved with the mafia. However one of the most ground-breaking experiences for Sammul was a love scene which required 7 hours to film!

In the series, Sammul and Huo Ssuyan, who plays the Princess, share a deeply passionate love for each other. One of their kissing scenes took an entire day to film, with Sammul and Huo kissing numerous times during the shooting.

There is also a daring bed scene in the series between Sammul and Huo.

Most actresses have a limit in skin exposure during love scenes. Huo only revealed her shoulders in the love scene, while double-taping the clothes she wore that day. In preparation for their kissing scene, Sammul chewed gum while Huo used mouth rinse.

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