Sammul Chan Busy Making Money at Christmas

Rumoured to be considering terminating his contract with TVB, Sammul Chan attended the premiere of new film "Eragon" with his junior Lulu Ng and revealed that he actually still has a year’s contract with TVB: "The company have approached me with a view of extending this recently and they are very sincere, but whether I sign or not depends on the terms of the contract."

He also reveals that he has taken three months leave from TVB and had originally planned to go to Beijing to improve his Mandarin, but because his departure was delayed, the class has already started, so he has had to cancel his trip. However, he has gained from this: "A company wants to invite me to film a martial arts series in the mainland, so if it goes through, it will take two months to film and I can still practice my Mandarin whilst I am there." As for Christmas, he reveals he will be making stage appearances and making money for a prosperous new year.

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