Sammul Braves Six Hours in Cold for a Tattoo

Sammul Chan is currently filming in Hengdian for "The Last Princess" and in the show, he plays a lovelorn Opera Actor who falls in love with the last princess of the falling empire and as a result, he loses his voice after an attack and in order to make a living, he has to work as a boxer, a coolie, a constable and even a gangster leader.

In order to play this role, he had to bear the freezing cold and sit without a top on for six hours whilst the tattoo artist painted a fake tattoo onto his back. After this, he was extremely stiff from the cold and was very uncomfortable. Sammul says that this series has brought him a lot of ‘firsts’ and ‘mosts’, but he is enjoying the experience. It has been the hardest, most tearful, most lovestruck and most satisfying experience.

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