Sammi’s flawless skin is always present

Sammi recently shot promotional pictures and a television commercial for the newest SK-II product Super Cream, and spent 3 hours in front of the mirror. In the commercial, Sammi is surrounded by mirrors, to show that her beautiful skin is omni-present.

On the day of the photo-taking session, from the moment Sammi stepped into the studio, she was surrounded by many mirrors, making her seem like she was everywhere. Sammi’s skincare secret: Because people who live in the city lead busy lives, the skincare products that they use must have many functions to fit in with their high-paced lifestyle. After letting out her secret, she then goes on to promote SK-II’s new product, saying, "That’s why I feel lucky to have found this new SK-II product, that’s why I call it "Super Cream!" Sammi then goes on to say that to ensure beauty forever, one has to keep their skin in good shape, so that one can look stunning any time!

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