Sammi sing Yanzi’s (綠光)

During a radio interview with a Singapore radio station which lasted around 15 minutes, Sammi was very happy that the tickets has been sold 90% prior to her show this Saturday. She promised that she will definitely encore if her fans wanted one. She revealed that she has prepared around 30 songs and 5 different costumes for the show. 1-2 pieces of the costumes are completely new. Although her last Singapore concert was in 2004, Sammi said that she is confident that the sales of her this concert will be good after her 2 years rest.

when asked about her love life, Sammi said that there is nothing to talk about. She acknowledged that she does want a boyfriend but there is no point for her to keep thinking about it. She will leave it to god to decide.

Sammi said that she knows Yanzi since she started her singing career and love her very much. When Sammi asked Yanzi to be her guest in Singapore, Yanzi immediately said yes. Sammi said that although they don’t meet often, however they have a very good friendship. Both of them will be singing a duet on stage and Sammi complained that Yanzi’s (綠光) is very difficult to sing. When asked if Yanzi will sing her song, Sammi said that she did not allow Yanzi to do so as she wants to sing all her songs herself.

When asked about her health, Sammi said that her health is very good and we should not be worried about her. After the concerts, Sammi is scheduled to start shooting a movie with Eason chan in which she will be playing a female cop.

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