Sammi shoots new SKII Super Cream CM & AD

Sammi shoots a set of new commercial and advertisements for SKII that brings out the message that it is a woman’s dream for perfect skin. In front of the camera, Sammi shows confidence and elegance. SKII’s Super Cream TV commercial will start airing on 4th September. At the scene of the shooting, Sammi was surrounded by a lot of mirrors and she has to be in front of the mirrors for over 3 hours. The idea is that after using SKII’s Super Cream, anyone can stand in front of the mirror and still be confident. Beauty can be seen from whichever angle.

Sammi felt that perfect beauty means she has to overcome the finer skin problems so her skin is flawless. When the skin does not have wrinkles, brown spots and pores, then the skin will be flawless. Sammi shares her secret, "City people are always busy, when choosing a skin product, it must contain the best combination to be effective. I’m lucky to be able to find a product that is able to solve many of my skin problems, that is why I am calling this bottle of cream, [Super Cream] !" Sammi said that she wants her beauty and skin to remain the best so that she will be beautiful forever.

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