Sammi pay her last respect to Stephanie’s mom

Sammi who just returned from her Singapore concert attended Stephanie Che’s mom funeral the night before. Stephanie’s mom knows a lot of the celebrities in HK including Sammi. She even made soup for Sammi when she was having problems with eczema. Sammi revealed that the incident where a magazine show photos of her in a yellow raincoat on a sunny day was actually her waiting downstairs at her apartment to pick up Stephanie Che’s mom soup. Sammi said that she will be sharing the recipe of the soup (I am guessing through Mingpao) with everyone in memory of Stephanie’s Mom. Apart from Sammi, other celebrities that attended the funeral incudes Shawn Yue, Jan Lamb, Eason Chan & wife, Ekin Cheng, Ronald Cheng, Jordan Chan, etc.

Shanghai Concert

Meanwhile, Sammi disclosed that in her upcoming Shanghai concert, she will be appearing on a lifted stage in the air. Richie Jen will be the guest at the Shanghai concert.

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