Sammi is Janice and Jill’s idol

In an interview with Cha Siu Yan on CRHK yeseterday, Janice was asked about the controversy between herself, Miriam Yeung and Denise Ho. Janice said, "I’m really not used to it. Sammi is my idol, and I also like Miriam and Hocc."

Janice’s sister Jill, in an interview with China Times, also said that Sammi was the singer whose talent she most admired. Jill went on to say that Sammi’s stage presence, singing ability and acting skills were all outstanding and that she thought Sammi was a multi-talented artiste. She said that she always listens to Sammi’s albums, and when she found out that Sammi liked both her and her sister Janice’s work, she was very touched.

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