Sammi hopes she can spread the message about LOVE

Sammi has recently started promoting her new song <Long Live Love> sporting a new short-haired look. In a radio interview, she said that she hoped that the lyrics to her new song would express the views of people towards love, and that the lyricist had changed the lyrics many times to make it more perfect. She personally hoped that the song could spread the message about love and influence more people. On another upcoming song, Sammi let on that it would be called <Hide and Seek>, and she laughed and said, "I liked it the moment I heard the title! I think it expresses the audience’s perception of me, sometimes I disappear for sometime, then I suddenly appear out of nowhere, adding a mysterious and surprising element!"

During her 1-year break, Sammi said that she spent her time mainly reading, painting and travelling with friends and family. Sammi also went on to talk about how she used to focus alot on her results in the past, but now she has learnt how to manage her time and her work will be much lighter. She now wants to repay the fans who have stuck with her throughout the years, and she is not so much concerned about the success of her projects.

As to her upcoming concert in May, she has already started exercising to keep herself in shape, and the theme of the concert is likely to be <Show Mi>. Although they have yet to confirm the entire concept of the concert, she is certain that it will contain many dancing elements. "Everything is still in the planning stage, but I really want to put in what I’ve learnt over the past year and show the audience the changes in me!"

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