Sammi Cheng Might Having Concert in June 07

After months of rest, it has been rumoured that Sammi is returning to work to keep her Number One Sister tag at East Asia. According to insiders, Sammi has started her return to work, other than a new song in the works, she is slated to have a concert in June at the HK Coliseum.

Insiders also say that Sammi is very enthusiastic about recording new songs and her first plug song on her return to the music scene is being specially written for her by Lam Jik. There are plans to have 2 more songs other than this one and a new compilation album will be released to coincide with the concert.

East Asia has also set up a set of concert dates for her and the concert is slated to run for 6 shows in June. Sammi is also said to be participating in the stage set up and designing of the clothes. Although that is not the golden summer concert period, organizers are confident that Sammi has the drawing power to pull in the crowds regardless.

Sammi’s manager Wallace Kwok declined to comment on the concert proceedings, saying, "If it’s regarding the concert you would be better off asking the production side." As for East Asia, their comment was, "Sammi is still picking songs, and she has said that she isn’t making a comeback. She is merely working to her own schedule, and as to the concert, we cannot make a comment at this time."

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