Sam Wang wins over Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jerry won “Most Handsome Man of Taiwan”

Yesterday, "Bao Long" Jerry Yan grabbed the "Most Handsome Man of Taiwan" crown, while Wu Zun came in as very close second. However, 5566’s Sam Wang surprisingly defeated Takeshi Kaneshiro in Rank 3, bringing questionable issues on the voting results, and gossipers calling out," How did Sam Wang possibly defeated Takeshi?"

Bao Long votes sharply increased to get the crown, Wu Zhun a close second

A few days ago, Yahoo conducted a 7-day voting poll on "Who is the most handsome man of Taiwan?" Yesterday when it closed, the voting results revealed that Bao Long got 22,448 total votes to grab the crown. while Wu Zun who was in Rank 2 only trailed behind by 2,000 votes. The website revealed that during the first six days of the voting, Wu Zun was the constant lead. It was only last night when Bao Long votes started to swarm in.

What was intriguing was when Sam Wang unexpectedly won over Takeshi. The common clamor was "How come Sam Wang came in to beat Takeshi?" Yesterday, there were even a number of people who sent fax messages requesting "to find out" why Takeshi lost, and recount all votes, regardless on where the votes came from. But Jerry’s 60% votes were not all recorded, there were only some blank spaces." however, this statement is not yet confirmed.

On padding of votes, Bao long: doesn’t need to

In view of the issues on the counting of votes, Yahoo PR Manager Wu Xiao Lan said that the website didn’t have any working relationships with any of the artists and doesn’t need to pad their votes. He also stressed that voters should be a Yahoo account user and followed the fair principles in the voting. Bao Long’s manager Billy also said," Pad his votes? He doesn’t have to !" He said that landing in the first slot will be a tremendous encouragement for Jerry.

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