Salt heals wound faster

I just got one of my wisdom teeth removed. The dentist did a little operation on the skin surrounding the teeth and pull out the teeth (that is how I felt). Lucky that he applied some anestetic on the skin surrounding before doing the operation or else I guess it would be more painful experience. This was the second one after my first removal in which the first was due to the gum infection which caused my face go swollen. It was really a painful experience going through the whole trauma where I could hardly eat.

This time round, the teeth removal was coincide with my visit for yearly scaling. The dentist found that the tooth is actually growing out of alignment. Thus, I was given advise to pull it out and I made an impromptu decision which it’s gone now. It’s about a day since then and yesterday night I still can sense some blood smell from the saliva even this morning when I woke up. But I did gargle it with salt water to help fasten the healing process.

Then, it hits me. What actually makes the salty water help in healing up wounds? What I know about salt is that it is sodium Chloride and it’s alkaline. Does those two attribute works as antibacterial or contributes the healing process?

After reading those articles on the net, thanks to the wonderful of “internet” library, there is some points which worth to note:

The reason dentists sometimes suggest we rinse our mouths with salty water (after extractions or when we have ulcers etc.) is that the salt-water is “isotonic” and less irritating to the mucous membranes in the mouth. It is NOT as an antibacterial agent. (This was proven in a study released in the BDJ (British Dental Journal) around 2004).

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Then there is another kind commentator who posted this:

Salt, in and of itself, does not speed up healing. Salt will dry out the wound and help keep it clean by absorbing fluids. Once the wound is dry, the body can work more efficiently.

Well, I guess one way or another, salt contributes to the process of healing indirectly.

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