Rumors About Hacken Lee’s Wedding Date

Hacken Lee and girlfriend, Emily Lo, November 28 will have their banquet that has changed into a public secret, but Hacken refuse to admit the wedding date, yesterday he did an interview with a radio station in regards to the reporters following closely, causing his future father and mother-in-law to be bothered, he feels completely helpless.

It is said that Hacken will have the banquet in the same hotel as Chapman To’s banquet, it is also said that for each table, Hacken is spending 28,000 on each table, surpassing that of Chapman, yesterday Chapman expresses: "It is expected that he will surpass me because his career outshines mine, I spent 10,000 on each table. I said to him, during that time the guest will physically help, therefore must start jogging for breathing exercise." (Sorry, not sure about the translation, wasn’t quite sure what Chapman was trying to say.)

Hacken Using All Energy for Pre-Wedding Preparation Needs Breathing Exercise

Recently it was said that Hacken’s banquet will be held on November 28, but Hacken refuses to admit, definitely very secretive. But his happy day is near, so reporters have been closely following him, even his father and mother-in-law has been bothered, Hacken asked his police friend how he can report this, but they said even if he calls the police, there is nothing they can do.

Moreover, Yesterday on Jan Lamb’s radio show, it was said that Hacken will have the banquet in the same hotel as Chapman To, it was also said that each table cost is 28,000, surpassing Chapman’s banquet.

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