Rumored storyline for the Jackie Chan & Jet Li’s Project

Tagging on Wolf’s report the other day a supposed storyline has emerged for the movie that will bring together two modern day martial arts legends, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Dubbed The J&J Project for now the movie will be “about a modern day kung fu master accidentally travels back to the ancient China and meets the Monkey King”. If you’re like me and you’re not up to snuff on your anicient Chinese novels “The Monkey King is a character from classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. He single handily pillages the heaven, punished by the Buddha, then becomes a disciple and guardian of Tang Monk, and escorts him to the west to seek Buddhist texts, with two other disciples, Pigsy and Sandy”.

It sounds sketchy at best. The recent report included a statement from Jackie that the film was going to be more geared towards a western audience, “It will be more American-style. It will be more suited to foreign audiences than Chinese audiences,” he said. “If you make a Hollywood movie, of course you have to follow their wishes. They’re paying us so much money.” So I don’t know why you would make a movie based from ancient Chinese novels. That could be just me though. Of course we love jumping all sorts of news about anything lest it be warrented or true even. The prospect of seeing Jackie and Jet take to the screen together, perhaps ten years too late even, makes us giddy like school girls.

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