Rosemary Loved Wrong: He’s Sick

Models Rosemary and Gordon broke up a while ago, but Rosemary feels he’s always using her for publicity. Yesterday, a report said Gordon was assaulted last month. The suspect was Rosemary’s current boyfriend. Rosemary denied it and claimed Gordon is sick. She wrongly loved Gordon. In the beginning, Gordon revealed on his own about his relationship history with Rosemary and Janice Vidal and even put their intimate pictures on his blog. Afterwards, the two girls both expressed to not talk too much about it to avoid being used for publicity. Recently, a magazine reported Gordon was assaulted at Volar and even with blood on his face. It was reported that the suspect was Rosemary’s current boyfriend Christopher.

Yesterday, Gordon who’s currently in the US accepted a telephone interview. When mentioning about the assault, Gordon expressed that a witness said the attacker was Christopher and later accused Rosemary of having mental problems, "That night I was working and saw Rosemary with a guy. I didn’t know he was her boyfriend. I wanted to greet her, but she pretended not to see me. Later, I was attacked from behind. A witness told me it was Rosemary’s boyfriend. (It was said you insulted Rosemary?) It never happened. Rosemary actually has a lot of problems. She’s a lunatic! (What problems does she have?) I don’t want to talk too much. I lived with her for two years and discovered she has problems. I wanted to continue to be with her but couldn’t be together in the end!" Gordon said the assault case will be handled by the police.

On the other hand, Rosemary denied that her boyfriend attacked Gordon and even said she wrongly loved Gordon. She helplessly said, "I never saw my boyfriend hitting someone. That night my boyfriend and I stayed for about 10 minutes and only say hi to friends. I did see Gordon, but we left afterwards. Gordon always using scandals for publicity. He’s really sick. I don’t know him now. I’m disappointed in him. When we were dating, my mom told me he’s not a good person. I didn’t believe at the time. I finally know what type of person he is now. (You wrongly loved someone?) Yes, because I wasn’t thinking at the time. (Support your boyfriend?) Of course! Gordon has problems. He make things up. He changed a lot.
Probably, he doesn’t have a job and create topics for publicity."

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