Roselle Juice 洛神花汁 (Hibiscus sabdariffa)



Roselle plant is a medicinal plant that originated in Egypt. Roselle juice is extracted from Roselle calyces. It is rich in various nutrients,antioxidants and minerals especially vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 (essential co-enzymes in metabolic process).
Also known as Florida cranberry, the plant was popular in the subtropics.

Benefits of taking Roselle Juice:

● As a medicine for cough, fever & migraine.
● Help reducing body fat
● Help reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure( stabilizing blood pressure ) & diabetes ( to reduce the sugar content in the blood )
● Smoothen monthly menstruation ( for female ).
● Help replacing your body ‘ electrolyte ‘ water after sport and good to increasing your stamina.

It also promotes proper kidney functions and aid in digesion. Long term consumption of Roselle juice can provide a good skin complexion too!
Roselle can be used to make jelly, juice, fruit pies and tarts. Roselle juice looks much like cranberry juice, it has a nice colors, especially best for quenching thirsy after a meal of hot curry in a hot afternoon.



●帮助调整身体里的电解质平衡,以增加你的耐力, 尤其适合饮用于运动之后。


洛神花汁可以用来做果冻,果汁,水果馅饼和挞。洛神花汁看起来很像小红莓汁,它有一个漂亮的色彩,清热解渴, 优适用于餐后。

roselle juice 洛神花汁

roselle juice 洛神花汁

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