Ronaldinho defeated, Liza devastated

Translated by J
Source: Various HK Newspapers

Recently, Liza, Law Kar Ying and other HK celebrities headed to Germany to watch the world cup. However, Liza had to rush back to attend the Hong Kong’s reunification with China ceremony on the 1st of July. Liza wore an elegant white cheongsam to the celebration. They spent 10 days in Europe. Liza said that she watched the Argentina vs Holland match. The atmosphere in the stadium was simply great. Tens of thousands of supporters were screaming and shouting. Liza added that she also went to France in 1998 to watch the Brazil vs France match. In this year’s world cup, Brazil lost to France again, and history repeated itself. As Liza’s a Brazil supporter, the reporters asked her if she cried when Brazil lost. Liza replied that she’s very disappointed but she didn’t cry. Liza felt that Ronaldinho didn’t have the opportunity to shine in this year’s Brazil vs France match.

Of course, the celebrities’ European tour didn’t just revolve around football. They also spent alot of time to go on a shopping spree. In total, the celebrities bought about 50 LVs (Louis Vuitton). Liza spent HKD 20,000++ on a few LV collection.

Although Liza’s unable to attend the finals in Germany, she’s still very happy and enjoyed the trip. All these years, Liza only saw Mr Law play football twice. in a football match 8 years ago, Mr Law didn’t even manage to come in contact with the ball but this year, in the match against the Dutch Chinese community, Mr Law managed to score a goal, but it was a goal by mistake. (hahaha i dunno what she meant by it because Liza or the reporter who wrote the news didn’t elaborate).

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