Ron Ng’s 2007 Astrological Outlook Plagued by Lone Stars,

Born in the year of the goat, Ron Ng was plagued by numerous rumors last year. His luck will turn for the better in 2007, but many lone stars will still cross his path.

Last year, due to Jupiter’s interference, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei was troubled by numerous rumors. Astrologers predict that people born under the year of the goat will have a better outlook in 2007. However, they may lack the presence of lucky stars and romantic luck. Lone stars such as Wah Koi 「華蓋」and Tin Huk 「天哭」may also bring bad luck.

People born in the year of the goat, such as Ron, may go through stages where they may feel unhappy and lonely. Career luck is only mediocre, however Wah Koi is also an "artistic" star, so it may help those in the arts industry.

After listening to the astrologer’s prediction, Ron felt a little more relaxed. "In 2006, my sign crossed Jupiter’s path and rumors were non-stop. I realize that people born under the year of the goat are frequently interferred by Jupiter’s orbit. In the year of the pig, the rumors may lessen, but I need to pay attention to my health. Overall, the outlook is not too negative."

The astrologer also said that Wah Koi will benefit those working in the arts industry. Ron hopes this is true so that he can earn more income to purchase a larger home, allowing him to live together with his family.

"Since I was a child, my parents have taught me the importance of strong family values. I love to talk to the elderly. However due to erratic filming hours, returning home at late hours would disrupt my family’s rest. That was the reason I moved out [to live by myself]. I hope that with increased income, I can earn more money to buy a bigger home."

Ron also hopes to broaden his career opportunities into theater and film, while diversifying his roles. Ron is currently filming "The Drive of Life," but was fortunate to have 3 days rest due to the Lunar New Year. However he will be staging an overseas concert, so he will be unable to stay in Hong Kong to collect lucky packets. Otherwise he would have spent a festive holiday and played mahjong with his family.

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