Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung go to Macao

Lately, in Macao, there was Hong Kong Stars and no matter if they were dating, they went to, the Casino to perform. Last night, it was Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung’s turn we�fre one pair. Known as on-screen lovers, the two of them hugging made the atmosphere in the area happy.

Continuing after Bernice Liu, Bosco Wong, and Myolie Wu’s superb (Superb I think)performance at Macao, it was Ron and Tavia as a couple, went to perform. Last night at 11, the two of them at the casino, were like a couple (holding hands) performing together. Not only the VIP seats got to see them, but even international fans, from around the world were standing, watching the performance as casino guest, and even fans from shanghai they even held signs saying ‘Yeung Yi’ while she was performing.

Tavia wore a silver sparkly dress to the performance. The whole audience, cheered continuously, and even some elderly people were part of them, loudly cheering. But when Tavia was singing �s —² �d “o �ê �she had forgotten her line so she sang lalala instead. The audience didn’t even mind, and even received a huge applause at the end. Afterwards Ron entered the stage, dancing and singing, and of course had to use two hands. After his singing and dancing, he went off the stage with a huge applause from the audience.

When they were interviewed, they were asked, about their relationship onstage, and in dramas, they gave their answers, with nothing to hide. They left the stage holding hands and in the audience, a man wearing a suit, asked Tavia, ‘Can you guys hug?’ Ron immediately answered. “Girls get shy very easily, but Tavia was very open responding, “Very lightly lah.” Men definetly want to be demeanor so he lightly hugged Tavia and then let go.

When the show started, afterwards most of them asked them to hug, Tavia and Ron were very close and responded to the audience. As Ron was the Man, and because he protected Tavia, from a group of fans, from Shanghai, wanted a hug, and even Tavia didn’t hide and hugged all the female fans.

At the end of the function, Ron and Tavia distributed pictures, albums, and realized that the audience was fighting for it, and became a whole mess, but luckily, some orders made it continue smoothly.

Caption 1: Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng as a couple, went to Macao to perform with many fans welcoming them.

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