Ron Ng Says that Toby Leung is not his type

Ron Ng, Steven Ma Chun Wai, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui, Michelle Mai Shuet, Chan Chi Yiu etc. were at a promotional event for "Brink of Law," which will be airing in Hong Kong soon. The cast appeared at Shatin’s horse stables.

Plagued by rumors last year, Ron hopes to remove himself from romantic rumors in 2007 and focus on his career. He hopes that "Brink of Law" will turn his career around successfully. Adhering to his vows, Ron removed himself from [the younger] actresses and paired up with veternan Michelle Mai Shuet during the games.

[Since Ron and Toby Leung hung out together on New Year’s Eve,] reports have appeared that Ron is pursuing Toby. But Ron stated, "On New Year’s Eve, after Raymond and I finished our promotional appearances, we decided to meet up. By chance, we came across Toby that night."

"Toby is not the type of woman I like. Also she is the daughter of a high executive at TVB. We are only friends who have known each other for a long time!"

Steven on the other hand, was not shy in posing with Bernice Liu in a dance posture for the cameras.

Also there were reports that Steven forced himself into photographs, jumping offstage to pose for photos with an elderly woman. Steven laughed, "The elderly woman is from Beijing and really wanted a photo with me. Respecting the elderly is normal. I don’t mind that the press wrote such headlines!"

A metaphysicist noted that 2007 will be a year of good luck for Shirley Yeung. Perhaps she may even get married! However Shirley said she is not prepared for marriage yet and openly announced that she will not be getting married in 2007!

Shirley said, "I still love working. I want to continue dating and plan for marriage and children later."
Kate Tsui spent a heft sum of money in order to lose weight. After several treatments of reducing excess water retention, Kate hopes that the new year will bring in extra money making opportunities.

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