Ron Ng Responds to Claims that He is a Liar & Con-Artist

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei only has a Form 3 education, yet he consciously chose to conceal this fact, leading others to believe he competed Form 5 instead. Ron realized his immaturity and admitted his wrongs: “I am sorry!”

Since entering the entertainment industry, Ron has been plagued by various negative rumors. Tabloids resurfaced the incident where Ron had misled others into believing he had a Form 5 education.

“I did not reveal my educational profile. When I was young and immature, I was self-conscious about my incomplete education. Thus I did not set out to correct others’ misconception about my education. My manager did not blame me either!”

In the past, Ron mispronounced the English words, “My Favorite” and said “My Fayfot” 「賣飛佛」instead. He also referred to “Johnny Depp” as “Johnny Deep,” causing him to be ridiculed. Ron realized that his lack of studying studiously in school had hurt him in the end.

Although Ron is greatly promoted, he will be taking a 4 month leave of absence to improve his English and dancing skills in New York. Hopefully when he returns to Hong Kong, audiences will find a brand new Ron Ng!

Ron Did Not Borrow Money from Louis Koo

Rumors have surfaced that Ron borrowed $500,000 (HKD) from Louis Koo Tin Lok, which he never repaid. The tabloid accused Ron of spending the money on buying clothes and a new car instead, while labelling him as a “con-artist.”

Ron strongly denied the allegations and was disappointed in the tabloid accusing him of “conning” Louis for money. Since the accusations tarnish his character, Ron will be discussing with his family as to whether he should pursue legal action.

In a radio interview yesterday, Ron expressed his unhappiness over the recent rumors, even suffering from insomnia.

Ron emphasized that he did not borrow money from Louis Koo nor anyone else. Ron’s assets were results of his own hard work. TVB executive, Virigina Lok Yi Ling told Ron to not worry, as she believed in his innocence.
Ron was especially grateful towards Louis Koo since he helped Ron become an artist. Ron respects Louis like an elder brother and good friend.

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