Ron Ng Hopes to Have a Rumor-Free 2007

Yesterday Ron Ng, Steven Ma, Shirley Yeung, Kate Tsui, Bernice Liu, and Michelle Yim were promoting TVB’s newest series, Brink of Law. Being surrounded by rumors last year, Ron hopes to avoid girls this year and be dedicated to work instead. He hopes Brink of Law will be a successful series. Ron admits that when he was playing games, he purposely tried to stand away from the "fan dans" and chose Michelle Yim as his partner. On the other hand, Steven willingly embraces Bernice and poses for the camera.

There were rumors that Ron is going after Toby Leung again. Ron said, "She isn’t the type I like. In fact she’s the daughter of an executive. We are just friends."

As the new year arrived, Steven already caused trouble. There were some people that called him a "magnet". At a function, he jumped down the stage to take a picture with a grandma, hoping to snatch some onscreen time. Steven joked, "The grandma came from Beijing and really wanted to take a picture with me. I respect my seniors so it’s normal for me to walk down the stage. It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind being called a magnet. A magnet has a great magnetic force."

A physiognomist predicted that Shirley will have a lucky year and will possibly get married. Shirley immediately replied that she isn’t ready to get married yet, "I love work. I need to plan well before I marry and have kids."

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