Ron Ng as Race Car Driver; Nearly Had Car Accident on Set of ‘The Drive of Life

Ron Ng, Michael Miu, and Toby Leung Ching Kei were filming a scene for new 60 episode series, "The Drive of Life" in Sai Wan.

The scene spoke of father and daughter, Michael and Toby, dropping off their car to get it repaired by Ron, who is a mechanic at a garage. As a car enthusiast, Ron’s character starts an animated conversation with Michael on car topics.

In "The Drive of Life," Ron’s character works at a garage in the day time. But at night, he races cars for thrills and is known as a "God of Cars" ????. In the series, Ron has many speeding scenes. As Ron loves cars, this role is extremely suitable for him!

"Later on, my character joins Michael’s company as a car test driver. I eventually become a race car driver. With the help of mainland racing organizations, we will be filming scenes for some car racing competitions."

"This role is very appropriate for me! TVB also invited highly knowledgeable car experts, such as Chin Ka Lok to train us."

When Ron drove the Japan manufactured Fairlady sports car, he felt zealous. "Leaving TVB studio, I was driving the Fairlady at a relatively slow speed of 50-60 kilometers, but on the return trip, the car did a double spin. Luckily there were no cars nearby, but I was only 6 inches away from crashing the car into the rail. I was rattled, but not hurt."

After this near accident, Ron immediately took the car for an inspection. "The problem was likely with the tires, which show signs of wearing out. The tires need to be replaced."

Toby Leung will act as a reporter for an automobile magazine and will idolize Ron in the series. "The producer told me that I will have some driving scenes in the series. Despite the short notice, I immediately took driving lessons and obtained my driver’s license."

The plot speaks of Toby practicing driving with Ron in Clearwater Bay. Will Toby use a substitute for her driving scenes? "I hope to film the scenes myself and improve my driving skills slowly!"

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