Ron and Toby Back Together Again

Ron Ng, Toby Leung and Michael Miu were filming yesterday for "The Drive of Life" and having already worked together in "Men in Pain", Ron and Toby are paired up again in this series and asked if they have any kissing scenes, she says: "I don’t know, there shouldn’t be! This time it is just baby love. I don’t mind as long as it tells the story then it is ok." She reveals that she has already received some Christmas presents: "I have received some! I will usually put them under the tree at home and wait until Boxing Day before I open them."

Also, having just returned from a stage performance in New York, Ron indicated that he will be staying at home on Christmas Day. "Of course I have had invitations, but I have not accepted any yet. At first I had planned to stay for a couple more days in Hong Kong to go shopping, but I had to come back to work, so there was nothing I could do." Michael indicates that he will finish work early to go and celebrate with his family. Asked if he has bought gifts for his son and daughter, he says: "Every year on Christmas morning, I will place some gifts on their beds and as they have grown up, they know that the gift is from me, but they still pretend to be surprised and we all make each other happy."

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