Ron and Tavia Enjoy Lantern Festival

Over the years, the Lantern Festival has brought together many love stories of scholars and beauties. For today’s festival, screen lovers Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung join together on a tour of the lantern displays at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and this noisy, playful couple reveal their chemistry among the colourful lanterns, sharing hugs and catching everyone’s attention as Tavia even tries to give Ron a piggyback!

Ron has earned himself the title of ‘gossip king’,so he is keeping a safe distance from female artistes that he is likely to become linked with, but Tavia is an exception. They have worked together as a couple on many occasions and have never had any rumours because they have known each other since they both started in the industry and share a manager, so there are no fears. Ron has many rumoured girlfriends, but he is still looking for his true love, so that he can shake off all the rumours and concentrate on his career. He says: "I will wait patiently for ‘her’ to appear. I am still young." Before he meets ‘the one’, Ron will be working hard to make money to buy a big house for his family to live more comfortably.

Tavia is envious of the girls in ancient times who found their love through the lantern riddles because she would like to have a good lover. She says: "People nowadays are not so focussed on marriage and relationships come and go very easily. Of course I wish for a loving and lasting marriage, but society has changed now and women do not simply depend on getting married to survive. To have a man to depend on is a good thing, but you also have to plan for yourself. Acting is a job that I love, because it brings fame and fortune. Love and career are both important and I will not give up my career for love."

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