Ron and Shirley Deny Meeting ‘Hungry Wolf’ in Guangzhou

Having just returned from a promotional tour of Chongqing and Xian, Ron Ng and Shirley Yeung promoted their new series "The Brink of Law" on a radio show yesterday and as the show enters the climactic point, they urged the viewers not to miss it.

Having been on a non-stop trip recently, there were earlier reports that when they were in Guangzhou, Shirley was surrounded by a pack of ‘hungry wolves’ who wanted to touch her. Asked if she was afraid, she explained: "Maybe it was a camera angle problem, but the event was a very healthy one and that magazine is not one that is very accurate because they say I was just singing, but I also had other jobs such as openings and a laying a foundation stone. The job was found for me by the company, so I am confident in them."

To avoid too much focus on her, Shirley says that Ron was actually surrounded by a lot of his fans and some were so excited that they burst into tears. Ron says that maybe it was because they were in a new development area that very few artistes go to, then the fans were especially emotional and he jokes that the fans were probably crying because they had see Shirley. Asked if he would do anything that the fans asked of him, Ron says that they just wanted simple things like having their photo taken with him, so of course he would do that. Did any of the fans want a kiss? He says immediately: "No, even if they did, I would push them away politely."

Often appearing together recently for promotions, are they afraid of raising gossip? Shirley says confidently that she does not worry about this and ron agrees that there will be no rumours between them

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