Roger Kwok Says that wife Cindy is Not Pregnant Yet

After Roger Kwok and Cindy Au’s marriage, there have been plenty of rumours of a baby for the couple, but recently there have been reports that have suggested that Cindy is now two months pregnant and they have been to visit a pre-natal clinic. On a radio interview yesterday, Roger denied that his wife is pregnant, but they are ready at any time to welcome in a new life.

Roger says that the doctor in the report was actually his brother-in-law, who works in a foetal health centre, so it is very convenient for them to go for checks. He has decided to go for blood checks to see whether they are suited to have children as birth is not an easy thing and it would be terrible if the child had any problems. On that day, he and his wife were only there for blood tests, but the reporter appeared, giving them a fright. He also explains that he has bought a few cans of nutritional milk powder for himself and Cindy. The most annoying thing is that he has given the product some free publicity as he says if he had known about this, he would have gone to buy his own health product instead.

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