Roger Kwok & Margie Tsang Film ‘Curious Detective;’ Roger NG’s 10 Times

Roger Kwok Chun On and Margie Tsang Wah Sin were filming an outdoor scene for "Curious Detective." The junction at Happy Valley was extremely noisy and due to the dry weather, Roger’s nose was all stuffy. Roger tripped on 3 lines of dialogue and had to do 10 NG’s (out-takes)! Finally, Roger had to stand in a corner to clear out his nose before he felt better!

In "Curious Detective," Roger and Margie are siblings. The scene spoke of Roger, as the elder brother, upset at their father for running away from home. Younger sister, Margie, wants the family reunited and thus tried to pacify Roger’s anger. They argued on the street, with Roger walking off angrily.

Father, Leung Ka Yan, lost heart after witnessing the argument between Roger and Margie. On the day of the filming, Leung wore a fake wig, which produced very humorous results!

Despite the plot speaking of the vehement exchange between Roger and Margie, the actors could not bite back their laughter. Throughout the filming process, Roger and Margie laughed non-stop. The auto traffic noises overwhelmed the on-site audio reception. Due to this reason and other inexplicable factors, the normally skilled Roger had 10 out-takes, tripping over 3 lines of dialogue.

Each time Roger had an out-take, he would make funny expressions, gesturing wildly with his hands and doing a little dance. Roger’s antics caused Margie to erupt into laughter throughout. However when it was time to resume their roles in front of the camera, their attitudes were completely professional and immersed into their respective characters.

During the break, Roger immediately took out a tissue and stepped into a corner to clear out his nostrils. Due to the dry weather, Roger’s nostrils were extremely irritated. After his "cleansing procedure," he felt a lot better.

In a separate scene, Margie and Kwok Ching Hung came across a newborn kitten in a park. Margie is normally afraid of cats and when the scene required her to pick up the kitten in her arms, she was a little jumpy at first. However, Margie maintained her professionalism in front of the camera.

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