Roger Kwok Ready for Fatherhood in 2007

Roger Kwok Chun On is currently filming comedy action film, "A Mission" in Kaiping, Guangdong with cast members Lo Wai Kwong and To Ling Man.

Since Roger only filmed one series, "Glittering Days" (aka "Pearl of Orient) this year, he was not be included in the Best Actor Award nominations. "Glittering Days" will be broadcast on November 6th in Hong Kong.

Roger plays a nightclub manager, who is also a passe singer. Roger plays a bickering duo with Liza Wang Ming Chuen. However Roger realizes that Liza is his long-lost mother later on.

Roger heavily promoted his new series to reporters, noting that both he and Liza play against their normal characters. "In ‘Glittering Days,’ my character is effeminate and loves to look beautiful. I will have a romance with country maid Charmaine Sheh, who slaughters pigs."

"Liza’s performance is especially notable. With all her limbs twitching and eyes rolled back, her character trickd me [that she was possessed by spirits]. Her expression is especially funny. You can not find a trace of her normal stern character."

In Roger’s new movie, "A Mission," he plays a Robin Hood type character who robs the rich in order to help the poor. The movie is a pre-modern piece. Roger noted, "In order to infiltrate Japanese troops to rescue China’s national treasure, I undergo various disguises as a blind chiropracter, a welding specialist, and horse trainer. The disguises are hilarious." Roger has many action scenes requiring wire work, but they are not difficult for him.

Although Roger only filmed one series in Hong Kong this year, he said it was a fruitful year since he and Cindy Au Sin Yee got married! Reporters asked when Roger and Cindy will be having children. Roger said openly, "Maybe next year. We are trying right now."

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