Roger Kwok and Yoyo Mung at “Cordial Heroes” opening ceremony

Yesterday Roger Kwok and Yoyo Mung attended an opening ceremony for new series “Cordial Heroes” (Temporary Title). Speaking of becoming a father, Roger reveals that a friend gave him a new Christine Dior baby milk bottle as a gift, he laughs and said that once he opened it, he felt that it was exaggerated, he feels that the milk bottles nowadays just needs to be simple to use because each time he fed Brad, it took nearly an hour. Roger also reveals that currently his son has 8 meals and that 4 of the meals are breast milk, but will put the breast milk in milk bottles first before feeding. Roger happily expresses that yesterday his son revealed his first smile! He says: “His smile was so cute!”

Yoyo Mung denies marrying Ekin
There was reports that Ekin brought a luxary home for Yoyo, Yoyo explains that there is no such thing. Asked if she plans to get married? She says: “Currently we are in good spirits of working, and at this time work is more important. I will enjoy my current life.” As for the rumors of going on a out of the country trip, Yoyo says that she will not stop work and just go traveling because that way she doesn’t feel comfortable. Also reveals that she sprained her ankle while filming and has difficulties walking.

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