Roger Kwok and Shirley Yeung Promote “Kung Fu Mahjong 3

A promotional event was held in the Dragon Centre yesterday for new movie "Kung Fu Mahjong 3 – The Final Duel", attended by cast members including Yuen Chau, Roger Kwok, Shirley Yeung and Winnie Leung. They all played games and demonstrated identifying Mah Jong pieces by touch alone. In this game, the top ‘feeler’ was Yuen Chau, whereas Shirley has no idea about Mah Jong. She says she really does not know how to play. Asked if she has not played with her mother-in-law-to-be, she says that her boyfriend and his family do not play Mah Jong and she does not know how to win or score, so when she was filming, she had plenty of NG’s when she was playing in her scenes, because she kept picking her tiles from the wrong end.

Although Shirley and Roger are both TVB artistes, they have never worked together before this movie, so this was their first co-operation and they even had kissing scenes. She says: "We had a hugging kiss. (Was it very passionate?) Quite! We filmed it in the first few days of shooting, then there were a couple more scenes at the end. (Were you embarrassed?) It was okay! Roger told me not to be so nervous."

She says that beforehand, she still greeted Roger when she saw him at work, but she knows his wife Cindy Au better, so she will not be too daring. Before she filmed one of her kiss scenes, she forgot to buy some gum and immediately asked the crew for some, feeling better afterwards and believing that Roger would have some too. Had she forewarned her boyfriend? She says it is just work so there is no need and she has reserved some tickets for him to watch. Her boyfriend has watched her shows in the past and will give her some critique.

Roger said that his Mah Jong skills are okay and he once promised a friend that if he won, then he would buy a gift for them with the money. In the end, he bought his friend a DVD recorder worth over $6000. He feels that playing Mah Jong is all down to luck and if he wins at Chinese New Year, then he will have good luck for the rest of the year. Will he let his mother-in-law win? Roger smiles that he does not play with older people, but he does play electronic Mah Jong with his wife to test his brain power.

Roger also indicates that in one scene, he had to film with a load of smelly crabs and be splashed with ink, so this film was hard work. This is the first year that Roger will be handing out lucky packets and he plays that this will cost him a five figure sum. He hopes that his wife will soon have a baby, because they are trying now and he hopes to be the father of a Golden Pig.

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