Roger Kwok and Cindy Au’s Wedding Held at Hong Kong Disneyland

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au finally concluded their seven-year relationship with their fantasy wedding at the Hong Kong Disneyland. On Saturday, July 22, 2006, Cindy is officially ‘Mrs. Wong’.

This couple’s wedding has been planned by both of their parents to bring surprises to them. Because both Roger and Cindy love the Disney characters, they held their wedding at Disneyland. Cindy delightedly said, “When I was little I dreamt of having my wedding led by my parents and it is like a dream come true that night. My father handed over my happiness to Roger and it felt really warm and romantic. My tears were rushing in but to keep my make up, I had to surpress the tears.” That scene was also very touching for every friend and relative, including the newlyweds themselves.

Roger said excitedly, “We recieved alot of gifts which could be used for our honeymoon. Cindy and I hopes to return to where we first met – Korea. That place is really worth commemorating. The wedding pictures will be made up later. I hope there will be sponsors.”

When Cindy accepted TVB’s Entertainment News interview, she said they kept this wedding ceremony on the ‘low-key’. The main reason was not to reveal their family members. Although they didn’t invite much friends, they still had around 10 tables during the banquet.

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