Roger Kwok and Cindy Au Were Invited to the First Legally Binding Mass Wedding Ceremony Yesterday

Newlyweds Roger Kwok and Cindy Au were invited to the first legally binding mass wedding ceremony yesterday to be wedding ambassadors and witness the wedding ceremonies of the twenty-four couples, bringing back loving memories of their own wedding day. The couple shared their thoughts about getting along with each other with the couples and Roger complied with MC Lily Lei’s request for him to kiss his wife.

Roger and Cindy also acted as judges in the contest between the couples to say the sweetest thing to their other halves. When they were asked which words were most memorable for them, Roger laughs that he does not say many romantic words usually, so when he saw so many people doing it yesterday, it was all very unusual for him. Asked if he has already achieved his goal in marrying Cindy, he laughed in agreement. Cindy says that during their wedding ceremony, Roger vowed in front of their friends and family to look after her for the rest of her life and this touched her so much that she almost cried. When Roger heard this, he joked: "I did that for you too, I wanted to cry as well!"

Many family members of the wedding couples at the event were fighting to have their photographs taken with Roger and Cindy, saying that their faces looked very alike, which Roger agrees with. Cindy once again dispels rumours that she is pregnant, saying: "Not yet! When I went to buy ice cream and watermelon juice, they would not sell it to me because they said I cannot eat these things when I am pregnant. I had to promise them I was not pregnant before they would sell it to me!" As for Roger, he says he is quite eager to become a father and laughs: "I’ll start work on it when I get home, with so many weddings today, it has to be a good day!" Although they have had their wedding banquet and ceremony already, they have still not registered the marriage, so Roger says they will do this shortly.

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