Rob-B-Babyhood Soon To Be Release

It’s the story of the baby of a rich family in Hong Kong getting kidnapped by three clumsy but kind-hearted thieves. They planned to use the baby to get a hefty ransom payment. However, they instead discovered in themselves the love and kindness of human nature as they found themselves caring for the baby as fathers.

A nice story, isn’t it? Well, you’re in luck — the new movie "Rob-B-Babyhood," starring Jackie Chan, Louis Koo and Michael Hui, will be in theatres on September 28th.

"This is a happy and adventurous movie mixed with affection," Jackie says. And it will be popular among audiences, young and old."

Though it will share theatre time with the newly released "The Banquet", a hot film directed by Feng XiaoGang, the makers of "Rob-B-Babyhood" don’t seem worried about box office profits.

"These two movies have different styles. They will not conflict, but together will help boost the box office," says Wang Zhongjun, President of H. Brothers Media Group, a private movie studio.

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