Rich Boy Shows His Flirting Skills, Raymond Lam Kisses The Phone

"A Good Boy, A Girl Won’t Love!" Raymond Lam has a lot of rumors since he became an actor. Even though he’s a playboy, but there’s still girls who fall for him, because he’s not only handsome and cool,but also is rich, and his ways to get a girl is more than you can count. Days before, before Raymond went to Canada, we caught him flirting with girls again. To make the girl happy, Raymond made smooch sounds through his phone in public! Wonder how his rumored girlfriend Linda Chung would look at this.

Raymond who is at Canada filming for "The Drive of Life" , was caught this Monday (December 4th) around 5pm, shopping for new clothing.

Kept Looking At Mirrors

Raymond Lam that day wore a hat, and was at the famous brand "Shine" shopping. He tried many bracelets and sunglasses, and kept looking at the mirror, taking it off and wore another one. After picking out accessories, Raymond picked a lot of shirts and tried them in the fitting room. After an hour, he bought 4 shirts and 2 bracelets, spent less than $2000.

After shopping, Raymond went to a closeby cafe. Reporters discovered that Raymond purposely chose a place with his back facing the door, ordered a cup of beer and took out his phone to send SMS. During the whole time, Raymond kept on smiling looking at his phone. After 15 minutes of text messaging, his phone finally rang. Raymond picked it up quickly, and looked around the cafe. Because the cafe didn’t have a lot of customers, Raymond openly chat with the person on the other side happily.

Saccharine Words Scares People

Don’t know if he’s too into the coversation, he didn’t realize that reporters were taking pictures of him. When reporter was near him, he was saying, "Ha, then what do you want? He He He, ah! You dare? I’ll be hurt…" Very syrupy! Master Lam sure knows how to flirt. After the syrupy talk, Raymond heard Raymond saying "bye" sweetly, and made ‘smooch’ (mwahh) sounds. Raymond Lam immediately left the cafe after the phone call. Just outside the door, he saw reporters, and smiled surprisingly. He got into his Benz quickly and his driver drove off.

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