Rhian apologizes to Alex

ALESSANDRA de Rossi and Rhian Ramos saw each other at the taping of GMA-7’s new station ID but they didn’t even get the chance to greet each other. Finally, last Saturday, at the resumption of the taping of their show, “Luv Pow,” in a hospital in Marikina, they got to face one another.

Rhian came with her mom and said her piece, ending it with “I’m sorry.”

Alex decided not to talk at all but just listened. Then after Rhian finished talking, she said “Thank you” and that’s it, they continued with their taping, much to the relief of the show’s staffers.

We don’t know, though, if it’s because of their feud that GMA-7 management decided to put the show on hold.

Their next taping day will be in September. Meanwhile, after “Magic Kamison” on Sundays where the show is intended aired, the management chose to air next “The Boys Next Door” starring their new stars discovered from Starstruck headed by Marky Cielo, Aljur Jimenez and Mart Escudero.

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