Raymond Talks About His Birthday Party

Artistes "Relaxation Zone" Fans Meeting

Hi, I’m Raymond Lam, welcome to my 27th birthday party. This year was very enriching, I actually started a sixty-episode series this November, called The Legendary Era, and I’ve been flying around everywhere to film it. There’s quite a lot of pressure on me, and I have no time to rest. Luckily, December 8th was my birthday and I got a chance to meet my fans and see my friends, and although it was only a mere three hours, it was able to loosen me up. What was even more rare was that there were over twenty fans from overseas that flew over especially to celebrate my birthday with me, making me very pleased.

Raymond Lam’s Stress Relieving Birthday Party
The happiest thing was that there were over twenty overseas fans coming from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. How come there were no Mainlander fans? That’s because I’ve already had a party with the Mainland fans in Shanghai!

A White Birthday

I was already in Canada filming for The Legendary Era by December 6th, and so on the day of my actual birthday, I’ll be spending it as a white birthday over there. I’ve already arranged to go to Gigi Wong’s house, and I’ll have a lot to eat then. Normally, when we’re working, she’ll occasionally cook for us, and of course as well as making her specialty, soup! I’m pretty scared that I’m going to become fat while I’m in Canada.

The Best Present
This year, I’ve already received the best birthday present from work, and that was the "My Favourite Television Actor" award from the Annual Artistes Award, and I really have to thank all my fans for voting and supporting me. Even though I didn’t have that many series aired this year and therefore not seeing audiences very much, I’m sure that next year I’ll have a lot of series if everything goes as planned. These are going to be my thanks to my supporters. And I personally hope to be able to have a one-week holiday and to use it to learn dancing. That will relieve stress and I can also keep fit.

The Most Stressful

I’ve already mentioned that right now I’m filming for The Legendary Era, the series made as a celebration for the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China. This series is giving me the most stress out of all, giving me a little schizophrenia; I’m taking on a mission of the country! Hopefully I’ll give a good performance. At the moment I know that I’ll be busy with this until April next year, after I finish this job, I promise to take more time to see my fans. Seeing you guys really makes me happy and comfortable. What will we play next time? What can do anything, whatever!

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