Raymond, Ron, Kevin : Interview With Burokori

On he 15th, at Tokyo Dome, there was “Face in Japan” Function, with Hong Kongs favourite idols, including Ron, they were on Burokori, for an interview.

So participating in this special function how do you feel?

Ron: Because I have never, thought that I would have a opportunity to sing my own songs, I have never been so nervous because in Japan, there weren’t a lot of Hong Kong stars performing there.
Kevin: I was very nervous, but after I was on stage I was very happy, and relaxed.
Ray: The audience greeted us warmly, and it made us very happy!

What type of girls do you like?
Ron: Not too loud ones (Laughs) I like girls that can look after them selves and girls which have a common interest, and of course, if they can be pretty that would be great (laughs)
Ray: I like girls which can look after themselves because im usually very busy and we must have common interests.
Kevin: Ummm,
Then Ron comes in: Kevin is usually very quiet that’s why he likes noisy girls (laughs)Then Kevin comes back in: I’m not Quiet! I like gentle girls.

Ron, your dancing is surperb, when did you start learning?
Ron: Because my sister liked dancing, I started to dance with her, I started learning 10 years ago. But now I am very busy, but if I have time, I will really learn to dance better.

How would you like to perform in Japan?
Kevin: Well, if I could, I would like to like to film Japanese dramas and work with their companies. If you I could in drama I would like to film with the company “Kaga” with < <山口智子小姐>>.
Ray: This is the first time I have come to Japan to perform, but, Japanese workers aren’t only very careful and their standard is high, I would like to stay in Japan and do more performances! Ron: Really as such, as I have seen the Japanese work, I would like to work with them as soon as possible and film Japanese Dramas.

So what are your plans when you go back?
Ray: Me and Ron, are going to film together
Kevin: In September, I will be starting to film a new series to do with Police Cadets. Please support me!

So you must be very tired now, and even being able to respond to my questions! I hope you will be very successful in your filming when you return to Hong Kong.Thank you to Burokori and Kevin, Ron and Ray for being here!

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