Raymond Likes Doraemon the Most; Can’t Speak Due to Nervousness Seeing Ron Ng,

First Time Visiting—Can’t Speak Due to Nervousness Seeing Ron Ng

Hearing them [fans] speak happily about their stories with TVB stars is an interesting event as they all have their own favorites. For example, this one likes Ron Ng, but that one thinks Raymond Lam is cute. Although they are like many others that have watched Hong Kong series since young, but there are many jokes about seeing their idols for the first time. Like one who was visiting in Nam King when WAD was filming and saw Ron, aside from only saying, "I really like you", nonsense came out; originally what was meant to be I really like to watch The Academy came out as Gen X Cops [A HK movie title], but luckily his mandarin isn’t good and he couldn’t hear it clearly. "Eh, what are you looking for me for? There has to be something occurring when you look for me." Originally they were speaking happily with the reporters, when interrupted from a phone suddenly ringing, "This is the ring tone Ron gave me." With a face of happiness, she shows me a picture of Ron and her, from the filming locations to the celebration party, "Look at this photo, he used my cell to take a picture and he even cutely said it was taken pretty well." When filming in Nam King, they always went to visit, hence they became quite familiar with Ron and talked about everything as well as signed things and took photos with them. "Their attitudes are really good and when they don’t need to film, they would take the initiative to go and talk with fans. They aren’t stuck up at all and when we give them food or drinks, they would eat it happily." Afterwards, when she saw Ron and said "I really like you", Ron would joke and say, "I knew long ago, you said it many many times already." The first time going to the filming locations, they were really afraid of being blocked from entering, but the kindness/warmth given by the cast and crew made them like visiting, "The crew is really cute too, everyone likes to eat the foods from fans and when it was celebration time, we’d see Ron and Leila as the most energetic. The whole cast and crew playing around with each other is quite happy."

Raymond Likes Doraemon the Most

Having the first experience, it was followed by visiting the crew of "Tai Gik" and this time, it’s Ron’s good pal, Raymond. Everyone knows Raymond is the son of a rich family, but especially has great manners and is quite interesting; like he’s afraid of the cold and when you see him, he’d be wearing two pieces of clothing. He likes to eat chocolate and when they brought something to give to him, he would carefully place it inside his coat pocket, "Before, when given food to eat, he would be generous and offer some to the crew." And when given a peach, he would say he’s sensitive to it, but would still accept it and say it’s given from fans, hence would still try it. The funniest part is seeing Ron forge his own [Raymond’s] signature and would yell out loudly, "His writing is so ugly", then would sign his own beside it. And Ron says Raymond likes to go to his house to sleep the most and sometimes when he’s not home, Raymond would let his manager open the door, hence was surprised when he went home seeing Raymond on his bed. Raymond on the other hand pretends to be innocent and says, "Yup, who told him to live so close. Haha." And these few cute girls revealed a big secret of Raymond’s—This grown-up man actually likes Doraemon; from umbrella to mouse pad, to carpet, everything is filled with Ding Dong/Doraemon, "So hilarious, he’s too cute." Meeting so many TVB celebrities, many people would think they act like their better/higher up, but these TVB fans are expressing their experiences from visiting and how the actors really are.

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