Raymond Lam’s Assistant Becomes His Girlfriend

Early this year, March, we reported that Raymond Lam and his assistant, Mei Mei, were meeting in a room. At that time, reporters found out that Raymond gives a salary $2000(China money) per month , and sometimes take care of her; their relationship is more like lovers than boss and assistant.

This Monday (November 13th), Raymond lam was in Beijing filming "The Drive of Life" (Previously known as "The Changing Times". This time, we discovered that Mei Mei is with him too. However, Raymond and Mei Mei are not hiding it anymore. Raymond had invited Mei Mei to attend one of the crew member’s birthday party, and he held her hand, and help her get a taxi, doing what a boyfriend can do. This probably means that Raymond is confirming that Mei Mei is his girlfriend.

A person that can let the "master" Raymond Lam wait in a cold Beijing street for two minutes is actually a girl, and of course Raymond cares about her a lot. We discovered that this person is Mei Mei, who was caught meeting Raymond in a hotel room this year.

Waiting For Assistant In The Cold

This Monday around 9pm, Raymond who is at Beijing filming "The Drive of Life", was with the crew such as the producer, Michael Miu, Sheren Tang, Damien Lau, etc went to eat at "Youth Restaurant", which was 5 minutes away from the hotel they were staying in, to celebrate a crew member’s birthday party.

Just when reporters were outside of the restaurant taking pictures of their celebration, there were security guards that immediately came up and try to stop them. One of them were asked to give their camera to the security gaurd. After a while, they start arguing when the reporter refuses to hand over the camera. Just then, we spot Raymond Lam going out of the restaurant and stood on the sidewalk for over 10 minutes. Suddenly, a taxi stopped in front of him, and the one who made Raymond waited in the cold weather was actually his assisant, Mei Mei!

Maybe that time, Raymond thought that reporters were gone because of the securities, so when he was walking back into the restaurant, he was holding Mei Mei’s hands. Mei Mei,on the other hand, was also happily talking with him, just like what a saccharine couple would do.

After they went back into the restaurant, we saw that Mei Mei was very close with the crew, and was talking with the others as if everybody knew her identity and doesn’t mind eating dinner with her. Even if Raymond whispers to Mei Mei ears secretly, the others reacted normally.

When it was time to blow candles, Raymond and Mei Mei were standing next to the birthday boy, and they were so close that nobody would believe that they are not a couple. Around 11pm, the party ended, and everyone was heading back to the hotel.

Because Raymond has to work at 6am in the morning, Mei Mei was unable to spendtime with him, so they purposely walked slowly, holding hands as a chance to be with each other. Until they stopped in front of the hotel, Raymond helped Mei Mei catch a taxi and told the driver to wait 1 more minute and the two said goodbye.

8 months ago, Raymond says Mei Mei was only his assistant, but this time he was caught, so he can’t deny it now!

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