Raymond Lam, YoYo Mung, Sharon Chan, Bernice Liu Opens A New Page in 200

Happy New Year! It’s another year! On the first day of 2007, we invited Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu, YoYo Mung and Sharon Chan to celebrate with "Pajamas Look" and "Formal Look". Prince Lam wanted to try to rule in the "One King Three Queens"way, however, it turns out to be "three mothers teaching a son"!

Raymond, Bernice, YoYo and Sharon are all under the same manager, but have never worked together before. This time is finally the time where they can have fun, the three ladies of course won’t miss this chance to chat! Like the saying, "Three Women Are Talkative", from beauty to anything, Raymond can’t even join in, no wonder he jokes, " I wanted ‘One King Three Queens’. Three girls to serve me, how awesome! But I lost, the three of them combined is just too loud, it’s like going to the markets!" When the three ladies heard, they quickly defended themselves, and finally Raymond surrendered!

Raymond Says Bye To His Bad Habit-Never On Time
Don’t think that the three of them hates Raymond, they are actually more close than bands, speaking of the theme, "Bye to the old, Welcome the new", Raymond laughs that in the new year, the ladies should change their talkative personalities, and the ladies stared at him. Raymond quickly says, "I’ll say it first, haha. If I need to change in the new year, I will change my bad habit of being late. Even though my friends always complain, saying that they need to arrange their time before calling me out, but I’m quite lazy, in the process of changing, hope everyone can be patient!" Seeing Raymond speaking the truth, Sharon then says, "I always speak unclearly, like when I talk, others always thought that I’m too tired to speak. But, I can’t control it, I’ll just have to change. I promise that it won’t happen this year."

The "ABC" Bernice says, "In these 5 years, my Chinese improved also. Besides having my daddy to teach me, my friends would also help me. Of course speaking is not a problem now, but reading it is a big conflict, so I hope I can have time to learn it with a tutor. After all, I’m Chinese, it’s awkward to not know the Chinese characters!"

YoYo Might Marry Secretly?
And YoYo Mung, who’s doing well in both love and career, says she doesn’t need to change. Speaking about love, she thinks that everyone will experience high and low points, happy and unhappy, but always stay on the positive side. Recently everyone’s been envying Cathy Tsui marrying a good husband, YoYo laughs that marriage is all fate, "Nobody tires to be the bad one in love, maybe before I never had confidence in a lot of people, worried that they wouldn’t treat me well. However, now that I’m older, I can protect myself, and is not as sensitive as before. However, even if I do get married, I wouldn’t be announcing it in public, and I’m not thinking about it now!"

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