Raymond Lam Was Late; Jessica Hsuan Refuse To Film

VB and CCTV’s new production, the 60 episodes "The Legendary Era", is trying to air by July of this year to celebrate the 10th year of reunion, so the filming has continued without stopping. However, it was said that Raymond Lam, who is being promoted, was always late. One of the crew workers said that the day before he was so late that Jessica Hsuan left angrily after waiting for a long time. This made the executives had a talk with Raymond and made sure the filming can continue smoothly.

TVB’s new series, "The Legendary Era", has Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, and Joe Ma, etc as its cast. Raymond who is main in the series was rumored that he was always late, and the co-worker revealed that he was late the day before, causing Jessica, who was always on time, refuse to film.

When Raymond was asked about this, he first claimed that he hasn’t been late for a while, but explained afterwards, "This is a grand production of 60 episodes, and it requires half a year to film. Every actor has the chance of being late, but this is a serious production, and we’re working with so many elders, who would want to be late? Maybe our timing didn’t quite match, and as an actor, we try our best, however, there still might be small mistakes."

Raymond also denied that he got scolded by the executives, and when he was asked if he had any problems with Jessica Hsuan, Raymond answered, "We are fine. We used to have the same manager, and we are like brothers and sisters. Jessica treats me really well. "

When Jessica was asked if she left and refused to film because of Raymond, she replied shockly, "What? I don’t want to mention about this; I don’t want to cause trouble. (Was Raymond late?) There’s always problems during filming, I don’t want to say a lot. (Will you feel awkward filming with Raymond?) No, we are fine, we don’t have problems working together." The producer Poon Ka Duk didn’t reply before the article was released.

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