Raymond Lam on Older Woman, Younger Man Relationship

Raymond Lam Fung accepted an interview with a mainland newspaper yesterday and spoke about his views on an older woman, younger man relationship. "An older woman, younger man relationship is a blessing for a man. However, the age difference shouldn’t be too vast."

"When a man is still in his 20’s and doesn’t know how to take care of himself, he is willing to accept an older woman, younger man relationship. However, when he reaches his 30’s, he may no longer feel this way."

When reporters pointed out that due to the success of "La Femme Desperado," Raymond became an "office lady killer," he was a little astonished. "Really? Actually ‘La Femme Desperado’ helped turn my image around successfully. In the past, I acted mainly in martial arts series. I’ve had enough of wearing anicent headpieces! After acting in ‘La Femme Desperado,’ I have not starred in an anicent drama ever since!"

"In 2006, I filmed many series, such as ‘Master of Taichi,’ ‘Heart of Greed,’ etc. Hopefully the audience will be able to watch these series in 2007! In ‘Heart of Greed,’ my character is involved with Yoyo Mung and Linda Chung at the same time. Since I am against cheating in a relationship, it was a challenge acting this role!"

What is Raymond’s viewpoint on love? "It is a blessing to be dating, since I have no time. The Hong Kong paparazzi is very aggressive. Whether you go out with the same or opposite sex, they will stir up rumors. That’s why I don’t go out to eat with anyone and prefer to have meals at home. I am not afraid for myself, but rather that these rumors will impact others negatively."

Earlier in the year, Raymond was photographed going out with his female assistant and the tabloids speculated that they were dating. "She has been my assistant for many years and she has always done a good job. These type of rumors are quite nonsensical!"

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