Raymond Lam – Mesmerizing-eyed Dragon

We’d like you to introduce yourself again for the Volume magazine readers getting to know you better.

Raymond replied, "I’ve acted in about 10 drama series so far. Like Kevin Cheng, I’ve also had chances to sing theme songs for drama series. I’d like to thank TVB for giving me such opportunities of acting in the drama series and singing the theme songs. I hope that I’ll have a chance to try something new in the future like acting in motion pictures and having my own album. However, that’s up to the company. So far I’ve had so many drama-series projects that I’ve had no time to do something else."

He continued, "If I have time, I really would like to go to countries across Southeast Asia to promote my drama series. This time I’m so glad that I got to Thailand. Before this, I’ve been to Thailand many times but for traveling, and those were different from coming to work this time. I like Thailand a lot. Thailand is a good place for traveling, having sunshine and sea. Though I came here to work, I felt like I traveled. Perhaps that’s because I came with my close friends this time."

Raymond talked about his dream in entertainment circle.

He said, "Apart from singing theme songs for drama series, I’d like to have my own album. Actually I started to learn singing before acting. I’ve loved singing since I was young. But after entering the entertainment circle, I’ve had drama series continually and had no time to practice my voice. So my voice is now not as good as it was in the past. Every time I sing a theme song, I try to sing at my best. In recording a theme song, I have to go to the studio as soon as it is available, so I mostly have no time for preparation. But all the theme songs have come out OK for me. I hope that my album can come out this year (2006), yet I still need to check whether my schedule is available to do that."

Raymond talked about his project with actors/actresses from other countries.

He said, "My next project is still a drama series. But this time it will be filmed in China. This is the first time of me acting outside TVB and also the first time to work with Taiwanese and Chinese actors and actresses. The story is from a novel. This is a good chance for me to experience a new role and to work with another group of people."

Do you have any idols?

Raymond answered, "For acting, I like Sean Connery. He’s so cool. Actually I have many idols such as Jude Law. He’s good-looking (person) as well as talented (actor). Girls like him a lot. He studies his character every time before he comes to the set. I mean it’s not only about his look. He’s really talented in my opinion. For singing, I like David Bowie and also Wang Lee Hom. Actually I like all talented persons."

Well, you praised others a lot. But as for yourself, have you ever thought why you have so many fans?

Raymond laughed shyly and replied, "No matter guys or girls, each has his/her own outstanding points. I think the time when people are determined in working is the most charming and attractive moment of them. I’d like to thank all my fans for their all-time support. I’ll continue my determination in works which they like– both acting and singing.

From his answer, we think that this Raymond is so humble and serious with his work. We gave him a chance to "advertise" himself, but he didn’t say a word about his look or characteristics. He, on the contrary, talked only about his work. If we were TVB, we’d be proud of him. Perhaps this is the reason why he has many fans across Asia, not only in Hong Kong but also in Malaysia and Thailand.

Raymond said, "It seemed that a fan club in Thailand has just been founded. Before this, I’ve had a fan club in Malaysia and they have connection with the fan club in Hong Kong, so they can keep being updated about my works. I think I wouldn’t be here at this point without all fans’ support." Raymond talked about his fans proudly.

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