Raymond Lam Cooks for Christmas; Wishes to Release His Own Album

Raymond Lam reviews his work for 2006; he was very hardworking, including his new series, The Legendary Era, this year he filmed a total of 160 episodes, with each series’ characters and acting style being totally different. Hopefully, his productions will release one after another in 2007 for audiences to enjoy. He said, "This year, I had a chance to step into the Coliseum to perform a song and dance, I really hope that next year I can have my own album. Actually, after all these years, the record company is still discussing it, hopefully in 2007 I can achieve this wish."

Raymond doesn’t have to work on Christmas Eve, and he revealed that his younger brother is on holidays and is returning to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas. If time allows, Raymond plans to cook steak to spend Christmas happily with his brother. Asking where he had bought himself a present, he excitedly said, "After work I would go and buy presents for my family, friends and myself. Every store is having a big sale, I definitely am not going to miss this shopping chance!"

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