Raymond Lam Celebrates 27th Birthday with Shanghai & Hong Kong Fans

For the last two days, Raymond Lam Fung had an advance celebration with over 100 fans in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Raymond was very accommodating in fulfilling his fans’ requests, making everyone very happy.

The day before, Raymond celebrated his birthday with 100 fans in a bar in Shanghai. Raymond pulled out a “Bathing Ape” T-shirt and gave it out as a raffle prize. He also gave away an autographed poster of “Twin of Brothers” to fans. He spent 3 hours with fans at the bar.

Last night, Raymond took a flight back to Hong Kong and met with another 100 fans in Hong to celebrate his birthday. One male fan asked Raymond what his birthday wish was? “I hope to have one week of vacation, so that my brain can take a break! I’m currently filming ‘The Drive of Life,’ which is the most challenging role in my career so far. It has made me quite schizophrenic.”

“Although this year, not many of my series were broadcast in Hong Kong, but I have received [the Annual Artist Favorite Actor Award] as an early present.”

Raymond said he will be filming “The Drive of Life” until April. He wants to take dancing lessons after the series is completed. “Many veternans suggested that I take dancing classes, as it will improve my body language, which is helpful for an artist’s performance. I am quite lazy and normally do not go to the gym, so dancing will be a good form of exercise.”

Aside from celebrating with fans, Raymond indicated that he also celebrated with his friends in and outside of the entertainment industry as well. Raymond will be flying to Vancouver in the next few days to continue filming “The Drive of Life.”

“On the day of my birthday, I will be celebrating at Gigi Wong Suk Yee’s home in Canada. Gigi has mentioned a few times that she would like to cook a meal and make soup for me to try. I am afraid that when I arrive in Vancouver, I will turn into a chubby man! Luckily there is a quota!”

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