Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu With Ghosts During Night Time

After two ghosts festivals (this year has two Julys for lunar calendar), Halloween is coming again to bring the young generations excitement and joy; they all use this chance to spend a fun night with their friends. One who grew up overseas and one who studied in another country, Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu, should be extremely happy, because this holiday is very popular the Americas, especially for little kids. Young adults and teens wouldn’t want to miss this day to dance with "ghosts" either. <Thanks> Ocean Park

However, citizens in Hong Kong don’t have much reactions to Halloween, if there are no places like malls, the whole atmosphere would be silent. When Raymond and Bernice knew they were going to Ocean Park to celebrate Halloween, they were both scared and happy. Bernice, who has a "westernized" personality, also imagined how creepy the decorations in Ocean Park would be!

Before studying overseas, Raymond lived in his old house in Xiamen. There, his lifestyle was simple, not like in the city with a lot of fun things to do, but he was also happy. He remembered playing with crickets, beetles, and was smiling from his heart when these things were mentioned. He didn’t think that simple lifestyle was insipid and dull, being able to run around in open areas unlike cities already made him happy.

Freedom Is The Best

Raymond thinks that kids today that owns lots of toys can’t imagine his the nature happiness of his childhood! When he was older, he went to the United States to study. Lifestyle there even though was different, but what was the same was that he still can be in freedom with nature, playing safe and joyfully! Like Halloween in the United States, he also enjoyed the fun things, he exclaims, "I also tried to dress up as a ghost to trick-or-treat. We would knock on doors of each house and the people would give us lots of candies, that feeling was really warm. However, I never tired it in Hong Kong, because an artist have to work everyday. I really want to go to Lan Kwai Fong and buy a mask to have fun, but chances are it won’t happen, I’m afraid there would be lots of people." This boy is very careful, being having fun, he thought before his actions, so he won’t make any mistakes!

Happy But Still Did Charities

When Bernice mentioned Halloween, she was extremely excited. Raised in Canada, she had great impression of this holiday, and also used this day to do charities. Every year, she would go trick-or-treat with a small money bos to ask for donations. Speaking this holiday, Bernice smiled, "After trick-or-treating, you can also trade with other kids. Overseas have safe houses, unlike Hong Kong, unwilling to go to every door and knock. Also, Hong Kong doesn’t celebrate this holiday, but my cousin would still go and knock for candy. Luckily, non of them rejected my cousin, because they all knew him."

Surprises Are Better Than Ghost Festival

That day in Ocean Park, the both of them had a fun time and was in unison. In the past, they were in "Survivor’s Law" together and now they are both under the same manager, having a lot of chances to work. This time is also manager’s decision for them to come to Ocean Park and spend a unique, fun Halloween in work.

Although Raymond’s a boy, he is more scared than Bernice. When they entered the Halloween "area" (I guess it’s Haunted House, article didn’t mention), many different types of ghosts and creatures will appear near them. Raymond tried to pay extra attention, but was still scared by the ghosts, while Bernice was laughing crazily. Plus Bernice was able to play with the creatures, having a fun time. The both of them didn’t want to leave the "graveyard", but then they saw "ghost guards", Raymond even was scared by the ghosts in the forest areas. Afterwards when he described how creepy and scary inside was, he always pat his heart to calm himself down.

Both of the little kids said, "Halloween is much more fun, our Chinese Ghost Festival is too mysterious, little kids will feel uncomfortable and it creeps others out, so Halloween is much more FUN!"

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